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Resilience Recharge


Give yourself the gift of a moment to regroup and re-energise your Resilience strategy. In this program, we distil the best and latest insights so that you get pointed in the right direction as quickly as possible. Enjoy the shift in understanding you will experience as breakthroughs in neuroscience shine a light on the simple things you can do every day to increase happiness, ease and flow for yourself and others.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for those who want to learn how to better manage their stress responses from experienced and qualified healthcare learning and development specialists skills. Participants will learn techniques to build resilience, professionally and personally.

Course information

  • This virtual course is delivered over 90 minutes and features participant discussion, practice of techniques, reflective journaling and action planning with a post workshop activities worksheet. 

    This course will provide you with: 

    • A practical session sharing the easiest, most effective practices you can do to build resilience and stay resilient.
    • The latest research and neuroscience perspectives.
    • Two key neuroleadership models - Mater’s Mind MASTERY and Mater’s Emotional PULSE 
    • Ability to recognise what you’re already doing right.
    • Ability to craft your own personalised resilience strategy to suit your lifestyle.